Hero Art


A mysterious stranger sent her a text at just the wrong time. How could they know it would lead to the greatest adventure of their lives?

Some things you just shouldn’t shoot at!

Creatures that can catch asteroids have nothing to fear from a Bullet.  Too bad that’s all this group of jarheads brought to the fight. There’s more to this comic book than meets the eye.

We must find Crusoe...

Explore nanospace alongside Louise and her crew as they fight to save the world from the Lightning Spiders by using science instead of bullets…

Meet Louise’s unlikely crew of misfits and scientists


Louise believes she can save the world from something no one can see yet


This mysterious glitch has a warning from across an insurmountable distance. #sKyRfaLLing


Leonard’s brought his best and brightest to study the Lightning Spiders. Now, it seems, this girl and her friends hold the key to saving the world.


The freak lightning storm at the refinery is proving harder to clean up than they thought.  Too bad these Jarheads only brought their guns to a Lightning Spider fight.

The Lightning Spider Swarm

These nanoscopic spiders can use lightning to spin unbreakable monofilament cable and catch bullets out of thin air.  Add few trillion of them hungry for Kinetic Energy, and every asteroid, moon, and planet is in trouble.  Best to keep things slow when they are near.