We know great content requires great technology and that the only way to truly touch your audience is to connect to them emotionally through story and socially through digital. We truly believe in the power of the crowd. That’s our compass. So, we’re creating a VR Comic platform to enable artists, developers and storytellers to team up and connect to their audience.


We’re building tools and technology that enable us to create fantastic 3D Graphic Novel experiences.  Over time, we’ll make that technology available to content partners and a community of creators so they can create amazing cross media experiences of their own right alongside us.


The real-time pipeline we’ve built for Issue One is expanding to create a compliment of tools and technologies that you can use to create your own story. We hope you’ll join us.

3DGN Format

Studio Tools

Virtual Studio Backlot

Real Time Extensions


If you are a content partner or individual creator we want to hear from you! Tell us the story you’d like to tell. We hope to see you inside the Spiraloid Workshop!

From creator Bay Raitt and the Spiraloid Workshop comes the future of the graphic novel. With the help of indie game developer Dylan Fitterer (Audiosurf), the constraints of reality are lifted to present our first 3D Holographic Novel. Part comic, part mini-game, Nanite Fulcrum: Issue Øne is the start of a new kind of epic sci-fi adventure.