Highly creative, driven and collaborative. We work nights, and mornings in offices and from home. We’re driven by delivering entertainment minutes that blow  minds. And, we like to share our tools and techniques so more and more people can create more and more and more…


Staff and Remote contracts available

Unity App/Tool Developer

Experienced developer who has shipped games/ apps for GearVR, Rift or Vive using Unity3D. Custom Maya plugins and Unity Editor extensions also a plus.

Requirements: C#, C++, Visual Studio, Unity3D


3D Concept Artist

Experience sculpting fully textured and lit 3D Diorama‘s containing characters, creatures, sets, props and effects.

Requirements: Must be able to create original artwork within the “voice” of the studio and create new works without external 2D concept art. Looking for people interested in becoming the 21st century equivalent of Moebius, but instead of pencil and paper, it’s zbrush, 3Dcoat, Maya, Unity3D. Please provide portfolio Turntables, Sketchfab links and Timelapses showing your workflows.


3D Technical Animator

Experience rigging and animating characters in Maya. Must also be able to animate and setup a playable character motion tree in unity3D. Familiarity with pose driven shapes, SFM asset building, shot pipelines and tool design a plus.

Requirements: Maya, Pymel scripting, Unity3D.


Environment Artist

Experience creating cinematic quality 3D environments. Must be proficient hard surface modeling and texturing with an emphasis on architecture and set design.

Requirements: Unity3D, Maya, 3Dcoat/Zbrush



If you can do all of the above and are tired of working with massive crews on giant projects that never seem to ship inside a broken system. We know the feeling. Get in touch with us and let’s talk. We think there’s a better way!